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Aquaponics is hydroponics, but with added fish. This creates a symbiotic relationship between crops and animals that’s surprisingly beneficial for both.

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Setting up Hydroponics

Setting Up Hydroponics: 7 Easy Steps to a Complete Farm

When it comes to soilless gardening, hydroponics is the best option because it uses less water and takes up less room. Hydroponics is a farming system in which plants are grown in a nutrient rich solution rather than soil, as well as a plant growth  technique in which plants are grown in a continuously moist medium. Hydroponics, in fact, dates back to the earliest civilizations. Commercial greenhouses and private gardens both use

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Aquaponic Indoor Garden: 5 Useful Benefits

Are you looking for a fun and engaging new way to garden indoors? An aquaponic indoor garden may be just what you’re looking for. According to Ragnheidur Thorarinsdotirr, aquaponics is a type of hydroponic gardening

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