3 Air Pumps for Hydroponics – Why and How to Choose The Best

Plants, like us, need oxygen to stay alive. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in which water is used as a medium, and it is best to use air pumps for hydroponics.

For plants, an air pump not only provides more oxygen from the water, but also acts to prevent the formation of algae and illness in the reservoir.

How Often Are Air Pumps Used?

Air Pumps

Hydroponic systems don’t usually require an air pump.

Water aeration may be necessary in certain deep water culture systems, although this is dependent on the particular design and type of plants being grown. Air Pumps for Hydroponics aren’t necessary in many other setups.

A water pump can be advantageous in any hydroponic system, even if it is not required in most forms of hydroponic systems.

Here are the Hydroponic systems where an air pump is needed:

Deep Water Culture

The DWC hydroponic system is the most frequent one that calls for the use of an air pump.

Styrofoam rafts or containers submerged to the roots with water are common places for the plants to take root. If the water in these systems is not properly oxygenated, the roots will suffocate.


This sort of hydroponics is unique because not only are you cultivating plants, but you are also raising fish. When it comes to keeping the fish alive, you’ll need an air pump for hydroponics as well as oxygenated water for your plants.

How to Choose The Best Air Pump for Your Hydroponic System

Here are a few things you should double-check when you are getting an air pump for your hydroponic system:


Your plants will benefit from a good supply of fresh air to aid in their development. The existence of bubbles in the tank’s air indicates that oxygen is present and moving through the system.

As a result, the more bubbles in the water, the better the plant’s growth.

The pump would need at least 1 watt of power to pump a gallon of water. Calculations like this are subject to change depending on the quantity of water present.

It’s a great idea to choose an air pump that’s a little bit larger than your tank in case you need to buy an extra pump in the future.


An air pump that makes a monotonous, persistent growl will disrupt your gardening zen and keep you awake at night or while you’re trying to get work done.

Selecting an air pump with a low noise output is preferable. To avoid excessive noise, look for a decibel rating below 45 on the product specifications provided by the manufacturer.


More nozzles are found on some pumps than on others. Air pumps for hydroponics with a high number of nozzles can be quite beneficial if you have a spacious garden, cultivate more than one reservoir, or want to extend your garden in the future.

If you’re cultivating multiple sorts of plants at the same time, this is much more useful. A more convenient option would be to separate the airline piping that you currently use.

3 Best Air Pumps for Hydroponics

3 Best Air Pumps for Hydroponics

A hydroponic system needs an air pump in addition to airline tubing and air stones to ensure that the plants get enough oxygen.

Your plants can’t grow until they have access to oxygen, so finding the best hydroponic air pump is a top priority for you.

In the following section, you’ll find reviews of a few of the top Air pumps for hydroponics.

1. Aqua Air Pump by Hydrofarm

Air hydroponic equipment manufacturer Hydrofarm is a well-known brand in the United States. The Active Aqua, at 1.4 pounds, is an excellent, compact, and light option.

It can handle a wide range of hydroponic sizes with its oxygen delivery capacity of up to 240 gallons per hour.

Furthermore, it can be used for both deepwater hydroponics as well as beginner-level hydroponics. A noise-canceling internal muffler is included with the device. It’s a long-lasting product thanks to the high-quality components.

The synthetic rubber diaphragm and four-outlet system ensure consistent airflow. The reservoir size and density can be adjusted using the compression control at the top of the unit.

2. Adjustable Oxygen Pump by Uniclife

Built like a high-end air pump, this pump offers all of the features you’d expect from a more expensive model.

This pump was designed with the goal of making it as quiet as possible while yet being able to function at a level that exceeded expectations.

The UL40 is a fantastic choice for tanks with a capacity of up to 100 litre’s while still delivering high levels of performance and reliability.

The general portability and low power consumption of the device are a result of its lightweight frame and slick architecture.

Additionally, its power usage, weight, and size allow it to combine the greatest features of high-end Air pumps for hydroponics and portable air pumps in one device!

This pump includes a flow control that can be easily adjusted to meet the changing needs of an environment.

3. Commercial Air Pump by Simple Deluxe

The term “Simple Deluxe” is a great fit for this fantastic gadget.

We gave this air pump, which resembles a miniature radiator heater, the “best-built” designation because of the superior aluminum alloy it is constructed of.

It is also quite strong, producing 38 litre’s of water per minute. A single pump can readily power many reservoirs with this much airflow, making it suitable for certain deep water culture installations.

The Simple Deluxe’s air ports aren’t built into the pump itself; instead, a manifold with six outlets is added to the pump. Hydroponic systems may be scaled up or down easily because each plug has its own switch.

In terms of noise, this pump falls somewhere in the middle. When your pump is near your living space, rubber feet will lessen vibration, but the noise will still be audible to you.

Final Thoughts

While every hydroponic system other than deep water culture might not need air pumps for hydroponics, they still are an essential part of any hydroponic system.

Just keep the buying guide and tips shared above in mind to make sure you get the right air pump for hydroponics.

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